Brett Lawrie magic

I’d like to think the Blue Jays have the power to makes comebacks, but down 5-0 to the Rangers isn’t promising. However, Toronto got it done last night.

Even after the Jays bullpen blew its sixth save in ten opportunities, nothing could stop Brett Lawrie from drilling a 3-2 pitch off the top of the left field wall and out of the park.




Sure there’s still lingering concerns about a suddenly unreliable bullpen, but it seemed to be erased watching Lawrie sprint around the bases like he just won the World Series. It’s fun to watch, minus the jump at home plate.

It’s clear Toronto needs more help in the bullpen, but a win is a win — especially against the top AL team. But, we’re left wondering, how much magic do the Jays have when the bullpen can’t get it done. The Jays are now 2-4 in games where saves are blown.


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