Snider to Pittsburgh, Thames to Seattle, more to come by deadline?

When Blue Jays outfield prospect Travis Snider left unexpectedly Monday night, social media exploded into a frenzy. We knew he was gone when he started shaking hands and hugging teammates, but is this trade only a portion of what’s to come? 

At the same time Snider left, Eric Thames was lifted in Las Vegas — he then was dealt to Seattle for reliever Steve Delabar. Though Toronto needs pitching help, I’m willing to predict to there’s a 50 percent chance neither Lincoln or Delabar will pitch in Toronto at all. 

With Jose Bautista likely out for more than a week longer than originally thought, these trades leave Toronto with an outfield of Rajai Davis, Colby Rasmus and Anthony Gose for more than a week more than anticipated. The fourth outfielder, in theory, would be Yan Gomes, and there’s no way to believe that was the intention is to have him in that spot. 

Meanwhile, reports have Toronto eying Matt Garza. It’s fairly obvious the Jays want him to help fix the rotation, and those same reports say Toronto and Texas are the two largest suitors for the righty. The Toronto Star even reported the Jays requested to do a physical on Garza.

The Cubs are looking for arms in deals as shown in earlier trades, and Lincoln and Delabar would suffice that, along with the other arms in Toronto’s loaded prospect list. But, with Snider and Thames gone, could that mean a corner outfielder would be traded to Toronto? My guess is that would happen in a Garza deal, thus allowing the Cubs to unload its Alfonzo Soriano contract to Toronto. That’s why I believe these Snider and Thames deals are tipping the Blue Jays’ hand that a bigger deal is in the works.

Who they are dealing for might be a mystery, but I don’t believe Toronto is done trading before the 4 p.m. Eastern deadline Tuesday. 



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